Pro level protection

Shockshield Technology suspends an outer, protective shell away from goalie's arms allowing for maximum impact dispersion

Axyflex Technology is a series of structured, engineered components that create a mechanical hinge providing unparalleled protection to the elbow area while still allowing for a full range of motion

Removable shoulder floater inserts allow the option of a more contoured, mobile fit or a more squared up, blocking profile

Squared up arms and side chest pads maximizes allowable blocking area and create a perfect, arm to body, seal

High and medium density foams, combined with a thick, cushioned base provide complete upper body protection

Extended shoulder floaters and sternum plate increase abdominal area protection while maintaining flexibility

Adjustable strap and buckle placement at the side of the chest, combined with an adjustable spine pad, creates a superior custom fit

Air mesh liners can be removed for drying and cleaning

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