Warrior Ritual G2 Pro Sr. Classic SE Chest & Arm Protector

The all-new Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro chest protector takes the resounding success of the Ritual Pro chest and arm unit and applies Pro-level classic arm construction to create a unit for the goalie preferring a soft, flexible traditional feel.

The Ritual G2 Pro Classic chest and arm features an identical body to the G2 Pro, allowing for free range body mobility through smaller, ergonomically segmented body blocks constructed of HD and LD foams. Additionally, the shoulder floaters are squared up for greater net coverage. Meanwhile, the sternum guard is molded from an incredibly lightweight foam with tension adjustments for precise flexibility control.

New on the Ritual G2 Pro Classic chest and arm is a revolutionary body wrap strap. Instead of a traditional plastic quick clip elastic strap seen on most traditional chest protectors, the G2 has taken it a step further and replaced the plastic clip with a fully adjustable Velcro system. This Velcro system has full range of adjustability at three points along the ribs, anywhere from extra tight to very loose. Not only does this adjustment affect the adjustment of the body, but also allows for fine tuning of the balance of the unit on the goalie’s chest.

Warrior has set the bar incredibly high in the adjustment category as well. Available on all Ritual model chest protectors, a new Adjustable Chest Height System allows for specific customization of the length fit of the body. Not only is this adjustment useful in getting a precise fit, but it is very beneficial for goalies still growing into their gear. The standard Velcro arm adjustment system has been replaced on all G2 chest protectors by a more reliable laced in arm design.

The arms of the unit are constructed of a combination of both LD and HD foams paired with molded PE plastic for Pro-Level protection, designed to be exceptionally mobile right out of the box.

Thought you knew Warrior goalie? Think again.

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