Warrior Covert QRL SE Grip Int. Hockey Stick

Same Deadly Release, Brand New Look

The Warrior QRL SE is the next installment of the Covert series, boasting entirely new materials, layup design, and an upgraded taper to give you a lightning quick release. This stick was designed to provide an enhanced shooting performance with a super low-kick quick release, lighter overall weight, and a balanced feel to maximize velocity and improve accuracy.

Getting into the construction of the QRL SE, Warrior used its well-known True 1 construction which makes the QRL SE a seamless one-piece hockey stick from top to bottom. But it is what they made it out of that is perhaps the biggest change to this Covert line. The QRL SE introduces Minimus 1000 carbon fiber; a high strength and lightweight aerospace grade carbon fiber complete with a new flat-tow 2-D weave design. This high modulus carbon is woven into a visible 12K weave throughout the entire stick and is not only extremely lightweight, but helps enhance the QRL’s other construction technologies by maximizing the True 1’s balance and feel and helping to make the Dagger Taper III more responsive. Even more impressive is the 40% increase in strength to limit slash damage in high traffic areas as compared to its predecessor the QR1. Warrior’s tests also show that it is 20% stiffer for more positive feel and a quicker response as well as 10% lighter for that much better balance.

The QRL SE will feature Dagger Taper III, the next generation of Dagger Taper technology. Warrior made the top side of the taper thinner to promote more flex, while making the bottom portion a little wider to prevent any torque of the blade, this new taper makes the QRL SE have a super low kick point with easy to load lightning quick release shots. For handling, the Covert line uses a traditional shaft geometry with rounded corners and straight sidewalls. This senior model features Warrior’s Pro CorTex grip, a nice textured tacky soft grip that locks your hands in place for optimum hand control while stick handling and shooting, if you don’t like grip the QRL SE is offered in a clear non-grip finish as well.

This QRL SE stick was made for players to take their game to elite levels. With new superior materials and technologies, Warrior was able to produce a stick with a lightning quick release for the simple reason of helping you score more goals without any issues. Check out the QRL SE from Warrior hockey today.

Player Profile
For the player looking for a lightning quick release with more velocity and pinpoint accuracy

Kick Point
Low-kick point

Shaft Construction
True 1 Construction with Minimus Carbon 1000

Shaft Geometry
Rounded corners with straight sidewalls

Shaft Coating
Pro CorTex Grip w/ texture

Shaft Taper
Dagger Taper III

Blade Core
HardCore X foam core with TwinSpar carbon fiber support stringers

Blade Wrap
Visible 12K weave of high modulus Minimus Carbon 1000

Blade Coating
Matte finish

Actual length

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