Brand new for 2017, Vaughn Custom Sports have revamped their Ventus line and brought the SLR Junior glove into the goaltending game. The SLR Pro glove is one of the lightest goalie gloves on the market but still keeps the traditional Vaughn feel.

The SLR glove has roots connecting it back to the original Epic and 5500 style gloves which is what makes it feel comfortable and natural on the hand. The cuff box is angled and a little bit shorter, which gives the illusion of a larger catching surface. The palm and cuff are reinforced with HD foam and plastics which keeps the glove very light while still offering high levels of protection.

The backhand has been reshaped to provide a wide open feel on the wrist to provide good articulation for the goalie to present the glove to the shooter. The internals have been reworked to provide superior grip and feel to keep the goalie’s hand in the glove without any negative slippage during play. This includes strategic wrist, hand and finger strapping.

The pocket of the SLR Pro glove features Vaughn’s new style single T which has been thinned out on the spine and includes a new lacing pattern to add extra softness while catching the puck. This thinner spine also gives the goalie great visual attachment to the puck as there is a larger area to see in to.

If you are wanting the traditional Vaughn name combined with a lightweight core and traditional feel, look no further than the Vaughn SLR Junior Goalie Glove.

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