True XC7 ACF Grip Sr. Hockey Stick

True’s next generation of X-Series hockey sticks comes in the 2017 ACF line. This type of stick will fall under the precision shooter’s category thanks to patented XCORE technology and complimenting features showcased in the XC7 ACF. For those who are curious the A–C-and F means Accuracy, Control, and Feel. This stick was designed to allow you to seek pinpoint accuracy while maximizing shot velocity, unmatched puck control, and amazing puck feel. Here’s the inside scoop into TRUE’s XC7 ACF.

Getting right into the stick’s construction, TRUE continued to utilize a high pressure clave molding process which they patented as Axenic Technology. The advantage of using this manufacturing process is that it yields a true one-piece hockey stick which results in very consistent internal walls, shaft shape, and of course amazing balance and feel. Working alongside the Axenic Technology, SmartPly Technology optimizes performance, weight and provides the XC7 with industry leading impact strength. SmartPly tech is a laminate design that is used with up to 25 inner layers of unidirectional carbon fiber; the way the fibers are angled and the order of those angles are what control torsional stiffness and protect from impact damage while maximizing performance and durability.

The XC7 ACF is composed mainly of carbon fiber with a small ratio of fiber glass blended in. It is all organized into a 3K weave and has a graduated mid-flex profile for optimal performance and feel in all game situations. Moving down to the blade, we’re going to see the patented XCORE technology. This is a compressible urethane insert embedded into the core of the blade starting in the heel and extending just past the center. This technology will produce an average of 30% more rotational puck spin leading to less flutter shots and more precise and accurate shots. XCORE technology also dampens and cradles the puck during passing and puck handling providing even more control and feel. This is the huge component to what gives the XC7 ACF its accuracy, control and feel.

New to the XSERIES of sticks is going to be Braided Rib Technology (BRT) first seen in TRUE’s SBP lineup. These are seamless braided tubes located at the center and bottom of the blade that act as a dual bridge support for the blade core. This tech helps to produce the longest lasting and most consistent blade TRUE has ever made and is up to 50% stronger than its predecessor! Benefits of this modified BRT blade prevent the foam core from breaking down and losing its stiffness which will provide unmatched accuracy, puck control, and feel.

The XC7 ACF will ONLY be available in senor sizing perfect for any elite players to house league players. If you are looking for a stick that will provide (ACF) unmatched accuracy, unmatched puck control, and unmatched feel…TRUE’s XC7 ACF is sure to be a top choice for you!

Player Profile
Made TRUE for any player looking to improve shooting accuracy and puck control in a mid-range price category

Kick Point / Flex Profile
Constant flex design provides mid-kick

Shaft Construction
Carbon fiber w/ small ratio of fiber glass blend, Axenic technology and SmartPly technology

Shaft Geometry
Square corners with double concave walls

Shaft Coating
Matte grip

Shaft Taper
Slight, Gradual

Blade Core
Premium high density foam core with patented XCORE insert and BRT dual rib support used to maintain blade stiffness

Blade Wrap
3K weave of carbon fiber/fiberglass weave

Blade Coating
Matte blade finish

Average Weight
455 grams

Actual length

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Korsair wrote:
Super crosse!
Seems heavier if you look at the weight but in your hands, you don't feel any difference than N2700 or RBZ 380. So good puck feel, good accuracy and so good control.
I'm not a big player, for fun only, in France but 14 years of hockey, I used ribcor, Vapor, Nexus, Tacks and RBZ and now XC7.

After 3 trainings and one game, this XC7F is my favourite!
. Posted on 1/30/2019