Light enough to win the races to the puck, tough enough to win the battles for it. The APX2 shoulder pads feature an innovative lightweight technology with pro-level impact protection


HD foam arch 

AEROLITE technology in back kidney panels

Removable mid-density foam belly pad

AEROLITE technology in bicep guard

AEROLITE technology in front side panels

AEROLITE technology in shoulder cap

AEROLITE technology in spinal protection

AEROLITE technology over sternum


This tapered fitting shoulder pad narrows toward the abdomen, providing the protection players need without sacrificing quickness or mobility

Multi segmented design with flex panels

Free Flex bicep guard and arch support

37.5 technology liner

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Size Small Medium Large
Height 130-142cm* 135-152cm* 140-163cm*

* - Difference between series.
Please Note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.