A greater range of motion and anatomical fit create a faster and more powerful stride, maximizing a player’s speed and power on the ice


Find the responsive action you’re looking for with this anatomical, thermoforming skate that can be heated to create a 360˚ custom-formed ankle and heel


3D Anaformable Curv® composite upper


Hydrophobic grip liner


Lightweight Anaform fit foam ankle pads


FORM-FIT 3-piece 48 oz. felt with high density metatarsal guard


FORM-FIT with stabilizer grip




TUUK Lightspeed Edge with LS2 runner

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Nils Even wrote:
i really needed a new pair of skates after i foudn out that my ccm tacks 4052 was way to big. I bought these around Christmas for about 2500 NOK that was a fair price, 50% of is a steal. BOught waxed laces, got them baked everything good to go. slipped them on for my first skate and my feet felt horrible after the first skate, but everything has to ¨break in¨. It took about 2 weeks, approximatly 6 training sessions before i felt comfortable With them on. Now that i have skated With them for a couple of months i honestly have to say these are awesome. The outside of the boot has the same material as the mx3, and thats great. The boot is Nice and stiff and gives you plenty of support. The sole inside the skate is also very Nice. the TUUK Lightspeed edge holder is great alongside the LS2 blade. These skates gives me plenty of power in each stride. the overall look of the skate is Nice, but theres one thing thats a minor con. The tounge is way to thin, you have the 190 and then the mx3. if you look at the supreme 160 it has the excact same tounge. i was hoping for a thicker tounge than an entry Level model, i had troubles With lace bites in the first few skates. but after a while it went away.

So if i would rate these skates from 1/6 i would definetly give them a solid 5. Great job bauer With the Supreme 180. Posted on 2/18/2016