How To Apply PadSkinz

Warning: Please test PadSkinz in a small area first before applying. Chameleon Sports will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment or personal injury from the use or removal of this product, suggested products or its contents. Installation will require sharp objects and possibly Mineral Spirits for removal. These should only be handled by an adult. Please read and follow all safety warnings of these items before use.
Here’s how to apply our premium PadSkinz product. Please read and follow these directions EXACTLY to obtain an optimal bond with your pad:
1. When you receive your order, unpack and unroll your PadSkinz material. Don’t be alarmed by the curvature the packaging has created. It will not affect the adhesion or look of your PadSkinz material. Also, you should NEVER FOLD PadSkinz material, as it will cause a permanent crease.
2. Lay your desired piece of equipment on your work space and place the included tracing sheet over top of the stripe, accent, piece, etc that you want to change the colour of. Tape the corners of the tracing paper down so the paper doesn’t move while you’re tracing. Masking Tape or Painter’s Tape works as an even better alternative to tracing paper since you can see through it and it sticks, to make cutting easier.
3. SLOWLY and CAREFULLY trace the design onto the tracing paper with a soft pencil. Make sure you do this as accurately as you can, as this trace will represent how the final product will look. Have patience and take your time here. Wherever there’s a bend or fold in the equipment, start a new piece.
4. Once the tracing is done, remove the tracing sheet from the equipment.
5. Cut out the design from the tracing paper. It may be necessary to cut your design into 2 or more parts, depending on the location, length, design, etc of the shape.
6. Place the traced shape you just cut, onto the front of your PadSkinz material and again, tape it down.
7. SLOWLY and CAREFULLY cut that same shape out of your PadSkinz material. You need to be as accurate as possible. Have patience and take your time here.
8. Once you have cut the PadSkinz material into the shape you desired, remove the tracing paper from the front and then the white protective backing from the back side of the PadSkinz material and carefully place the PadSkinz over the area you want to change.
9. When placing it on the equipment, start at one end of the PadSkinz material and slowly push it down on the equipment, working from one end to the other end. Make sure you are not leaving bubbles underneath the material. You want PadSkinz to sit flush with no bumps or bubbles underneath.
10. NEVER APPLY HEAT TO THE ADHESIVE to try to create a better bond. It will only make it harder to remove in the future.
11. Once your PadSkinz are attached to your equipment, press down FIRMLY on the entire PadSkinz design to make sure you get a solid bond to that area.
12. We recommend that you give PadSkinz 48 hours at room temperature to attach to your pad properly before using them on the ice. PadSkinz will never “fall off” if you use them too early. You can use PadSkinz within a few hours of installation but it could affect the long term effectiveness of the adhesive. So the longer, the better.