RBZ Superfast - You can never have enough speed!

CCM Hockey and TaylorMade® Golf have partnered, once again, on enhancing the technologies that made the original RBZ™ stick so great. The RBZ™ Superfast stick features what CCM likes to refer to as Power Swing Technology. This has a direct correlation to what golfers refer to as swing speed and basically means optimal weight distribution in order to give you a balanced stick with a smooth and fast swing motion. Just like the original RBZ™and the Stage 2, Superfast has a constant flex profile in the shaft which gives you a Custom Kick Point that is determined by the placement of your lower hand. Typically, the kick point of a stick is predetermined by its construction for a specific type of release. The RBZ™ Superfast, however, adapts to your playing style.

For the construction of the shaft, CCM uses an aerial grade carbon which is a contributing factor in the relatively light weight of this stick. The junior shaft uses a Contoured geometry with rounded corners for better fit and feel for smaller hands.

There's really no visible taper to the RBZ™ Superfast because of the constant flex profile, just a nice transition of where the blade and shaft meet.

Instead of the Freak Channels that were in the blade of the Stage 2 stick, RBZ™ Superfast has a brand new Speed Pocket™ technology. The pocket in the blade acts like a trampoline to give more power and speed to your shots


Speed Pocket™ technology (50% more C.O.R)

Custom Kick-Point

Low Swing weight

Constant stiffness profile

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