The new Ventus LT90 custom pro blocker features a unique construction that incorporates the side shield into the front blocking board, this creates added stiffness and reduces twisting under high impact loads and provides a more solid blocking surface. Special high density internal foam board provides light weight and is reinforced with a polyethylene plastic overlay to give added protection and durability. The palm is constructed of Vaughns special MSH3 material that gives an incredible feel and durability. The palm is designed with anatomically curved fingers to naturally allow a more comfortable hand position and has a textured overlay surface that provides a precise grip for excellent stick control, mesh gussets allow for air flow to improve hand cooling and reduce heat buildup. Large side and a wrist shield has a high density insert of foam and plastic creating a solid blocking surface area and also features an air chamber pad behind the shield to increase protection and keep the shield square and extended for added coverage. Narrowed taper bottom board edge allows for a quick paddle down movements with a tight seal to the ice with no gaps for more complete protection. Extra-large finger protectors have HD foam and plastic inserts for maximum impact reduction, dual inner index finger pads seal the index finger from shots that can ride up the stick paddle to impact the side of the hand and fingers. The hand position is moved one inch from a normal attachment location on the blocking board to drop the board lower to extend and increase the goaltenders reach and effectively increasing net coverage. Fully custom hand crafted with Prospec construction with added plastic in the front and side surfaces increases protection and durability.


High density internal foam blocking board for light weight

Ergonomically shaped palm with cushion padding to reduce vibration

Large side shield with air cushion pad

Angled blocking board increases blocking surface area

Tapered bottom board

Large wrist opening with flex cuff

No binding construction increases usable blocking space

Adjustable wrist strap

Two piece finger protectors with large surface area

Dual side index finger protection

Large top board flare for puck deflecting

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