CCM YFlex Yth. Chest & Arm Protector

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The YFlex Chest & Arm Protector is designed to give the beginner goaltender lightweight gear that will provide ample protection specific to their age and level of play.

Beginning in the body, the CCM YFlex has specific materials use in the shoulder, body and sternum. The lower body section of the unit is designed for specific movements, making it easier for the young goaltender to learn proper technique. The arms have been redesigned to stay square and sit snug on the arm to keep the elbow in place.

Lastly, the body of the unit is complimented by a brand new Adjustable Fit System within the shoulder floaters. This Velcro-elastic system allows for precise customization of shoulder floater tension and fit to accommodate every young goalie’s preference and even allow for adjustments for midseason growth.

If you are an average-level goalie looking for the most comfortable youth specific chest protector, the CCM YFlex Chest & Arm Protector is the way to go

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