CCM Ultra Tacks Sr. Shoulder Pads

Designed for optimal protection and maximum coverage, CCM’s Ultra Tacks Junior shoulder pads redefine protective standards with the addition of D3O smart foam. This innovative foam is built into the Ultra Tacks HD molded foam shoulder caps to help provide better shock absorption against the big hits that are both dished out and received. So how does it all work? D3O smart foam keeps its soft consistency to absorb energy from low intensity impacts and instantly hardens for any higher intensity impacts. The molecules in this foam are continuously free flowing, this allows the “smart material” to remain soft and flexible, but on impact, the molecules lock together to absorb and dissipate the energy from the impact. After the impact, the molecules return to their soft and flexible state. This unique molecular structure offers cutting edge pro level protection perfect for warding off flying pucks and protecting the wearer from bone crushing hits.

Ventilated molded foam armor makes up the base of this pad; its highly segmented and contoured shape sits well on the body and promotes lots of mobility while still offering optimal protection, coverage and air flow. There is also a free flow anchor system in place that lets the caps and arms move more independently from the rest of the pad. If you were to lift your arms up, let’s say in the moment of celebrating a goal, the entire pad won’t lift up and start choking your neck. This anti-lift system really keeps your shoulder pads where they need to be and promotes a lot of comfort.

Extra protection can be found in the molded foam spine, sternum, and kidney guards. Both the spine and sternum guards are “floating” to further add to the level of dexterity and mobility that are offered. The bicep guards feature molded dual core HD foam protection. What make these awesome is the fact that they are fully adjustable. An optional removable extension to the bicep guard is also included to insure full coverage of the upper arm.

CCM definitely delivered with the Ultra Tacks Junior shoulder pad. If you are a player looking for optimal protection with maximum coverage, Ultra Tacks uses cutting edge D3O smart foam and ventilated molded foam armor to provide that for you. Perform under pressure with CCM’s Ultra Tacks shoulder pad.

Player Profile
Optimal Protection, Maximum coverage

Anatomical fit with adaptable shoulder system
Fit will adapt to movement preventing the shoulder pads from lifting upward

Chest / Sternum
Three-piece ventilated molded TACKS foam armor w/ floating HD sternum protection

Single-density foam and PE inserts w/ molded foam overlay

Dual Core HD foam shoulder caps reinforced with D3O® rate sensitive foam

Adjustable Dual Core HD foam bicep w/ modled foam and removable extension

Back / Spine
Three-piece ventilated molded TACKS foam armor w/ floating molded HD spine and kidney protection

Ventilated molded foam armor

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Jeffrey wrote:
Good solid pads, once on if you raise your arms high the chest section will stay put rather than rise up. A little tight around the neck at first but once I got on the ice different story. The added protection for the bicep is good really comfortable. The D3O Foam hasn't really made a difference as of yet. As for durability only time will tell but fell solid. Good price to for a top end pad. . Posted on 1/10/2017


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