CCM Tacks 9080 Sr. Hockey Shoulder Pads

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Dual-layer strectch base jacket and adjustable strap system. Anatomical 3D design and construction prevents pads from lifting so protection stays close to the body with length adjustable straps allows for a perfect fit.

JDP shoulder caps with D3O smart material. Pro level cap construction designed to disperse the force of impact away from shoulders with D3O impact and shock absorption technology.

HD foam kidney protection and removable belly pad. Excellent kidney coverage and removable belly pad for added protection, comfort and fit.

Customizable bicep adjustment. Custom comfort fit and pro level of protection.


Molded PE floating sternum with D3O smart material. Elite PE foam combined D3O impact and shock absorption technology for elite sternum protection.

Molded PE floating spine. High level of protection, comfort and increase in mobility.

Comfort base jacket and mesh liner. Designed for ,maximum air flow and mobility to keep the player dry, cool and keep the product lightweight.

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