CCM’s RBZ stick lines have established an almost cult like following. Featuring the undisputed hottest blade on the market, RBZ has won the loyalty of speed freaks everywhere. CCM, along with help from TaylorMade® Golf, continue the RBZ legacy with the RBZ 240.

The RBZ™ 240 stick features what CCM likes to refer to as a Low Swing Weight. This has a direct correlation to what golfers refer to as swing speed and basically means optimal weight distribution in order to give you a balanced stick with a smooth and fast swing motion. Just like its predecessors, the RBZ 240 has a constant flex profile in the shaft which gives you a Custom Kick Point that is determined by the placement of your lower hand. Typically, the kick point of a stick is predetermined by its construction for a specific type of release. The RBZ™ 240, however, adapts to your playing style.

For the construction of the shaft, CCM uses a secret proprietary composite blend which is a contributing factor in the relatively light weight of the 240. There's really no visible taper to the shaft because of the constant flex profile, just a nice transition of where the blade and shaft meet. The RBZ™ 240 comes with a grip finish for the great feel and control.

The 240 features an Improved High C.O.R blade construction which increases the trampoline-like effect off the blade and helps improve durability. With so many high end features crammed into it, the RBZ 240 comes highly recommend to anyone looking for maximum velocity and value.


High C.O.R. (Coefficient Of Restitution) construction - trampoline effect


CCM Proprietary blend with Fuse construction - traditional tenon and hosel joint

Power Swing Technology - finely tuned weight and flex distribution for low swing weight


Full grip coating


Custom kick point


"T" - traditional or square corners

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