CCM Premier R1.9 Int. Goalie Pants

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Moving into 2017, CCM continues its dominance of the market with the introduction of the brand new Premier R1.9 2017 model. Based on the CCM Premier Senior, CCM brings their advanced technology to an already established design, resulting in an extremely flexible, yet protective pant with excellent coverage.

With the flexibility of the foam in the front of the pant, the goalie will be able to move fluidly while still remaining protected in all situations.

The new Premier goal pant series is based off the original Premier with an interior belt designed to keep a snug fit while the pant remains loose to provide more coverage. The 2017 CCM Premier also features a “+1” zipper, allowing for complete length customization per the preference of the goaltender.

On the top half of the pant, CCM has redesigned the upper hip and waist section with angular cuts providing the goalie the same protection they are used to, but with added mobility.

If you are an average-level goalie looking for maximum protection in a mobile package offering exceptional coverage, look no further than the 2017 CCM Premier R1.9 Goalie Pant.

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