New for 2017, CCM has re-engineered their Extreme Flex line and has released the brand new Extreme Flex III E3.9 Goalie Catch Glove. The Extreme Flex III glove has a brand new cuff shape to provide even better top corner coverage and a massive Double Tee pocket to help retain pucks.

Continuing the already high popularity from the EF2 glove, the EF3 glove is a beautiful continuation while bringing a lot of positive changes that goalies are looking for. The cuff shape is different from the previous generations. The shape is similar to that of a 590 cuff as where there is some more shape towards the top “thumb” side of the cuff to help gain coverage and clip any pucks which are fired above the goalies hand. This new shape also makes the glove tuck a little better against the body when trying to close off the gap between the cuff and side. Even though the cuff is a different shape, the break of the glove is still the ever popular 600 break, or a 75 degree angle break.

CCM has redesigned the pocket of the glove with a massive Double Tee pocket that is redesigned for improved sight into the pocket and great puck retention. This Tee is a U-shape build where it connects in a circular base into the perimeter lacing. Within the spines of the Tee, there is a wider opening which allows the goalie to easily see right into or through their pocket. The pocket itself is very wide in terms of visual presentation and has more volume and shape to it, compared to a ‘V’ or cone shape seen on a traditional single-T pocket.

Compared to the E3.9 Senior goal glove, the Extreme Flex III Pro will feature higher quality construction with higher grade materials in both the outer materials and interior core.

If you are an Intermediate-Level goalie wanted the best CCM has to offer, look no further than the CCM Extreme Flex III E3.9 Senior Goal Glove.

One-Piece. Maximize coverage.

Break angle
600 - Middle of hand closure.

Palm stiffness
Game Ready fit for easy break-in.

Wrist strap
Webbing strap. Quick easy adjustment. 

New double straight tee. Helps track the puck. 

Finger guard
Raised foam finger padding. Great protection.

Cuff/Thumb composition
Injection molded PE and PE foam. Impact absorption.

Thumb radius
Curved to direct puck into pocket.

Finger stalls
Nash. Quicker release. 

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