Combining the innovation of the Warrior brand and legendary goalie gear designer Pete Smith, the Warrior Ritual G2 improves upon the success of the Ritual line of gear, becoming one of the most revolutionary and lightest pad on the market.

Beginning with a brand new lightweight core, the Ritual G2 pads allow the goalie to play longer than ever before, experiencing less fatigue and muscle tiredness during long ice sessions. The thin thigh profile allows for a perfect seal while in butterfly and accommodation of larger knee pads.

The thigh rise also features a brand new Profile Lock, allowing the goalie to adjust the curvature profile of the pad. At the boot, a one-way boot flex combines both the stiffness of a traditional butterfly style pad with the flex of a hybrid style pad, to create the perfect flex in any game situation.

The Warrior Ritual G2 utilizes a minimalist yet effective approach to the leg channel and backside to the pad. The revolutionary Active Response Straps comprised of heavy duty Velcro and elastic provide a simple, lightweight, and customizable strapping setup. The leg channel is designed to adapt to both a loose fitting and tight fitting style, depending on the goalie's preference. Pete Smith has designed the pad to excel in any situation, apparent in the unique Post Wedge panel, sealing off all holes while the goalie is against the post.

Other features include an all elastic toe anchor, allowing for quick dressing and undressing as well as the Knee Drive system, assuring a quick, perfect seal on the ice.

The G2 pads include the standalone G2 Pro Knee pad, designed specifically to mesh without interference in the knee lock.

If you are a competitive goalie looking for one of the most revolutionary leg pads on the market designed for a butterfly style of play, look no further than the Warrior G2.

  • Lightweight design
  • Active Response Straps (U.S. and Canadian patent pending)
  • Profile Lock (U.S. and Canadian patent pending)
  • Knee Drive System
  • Double Break
  • Ritual G2 Int Knee Pad comes free with legpads
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