The 7990 Velocity 5 goal pad is a hybrid design that provides the feel of Vaughn's traditional velocity leg pads in the areas below the knee but provides a thinner profile in the knee and upper thigh sections with a firmer construction for tighter five-hole coverage. The outer panel of the pad features a narrower profile that tapers at the knee and top and has a pre formed angle at the knee to provide a precise ergonomic shape. The top three leather straps have buckle positions that are full adjustable, allow the straps to be angled for comfort to allow for a quick pad rotation and custom fit. The knee cradle has a wide mid-section and is fully adjustable and can be adjusted laterally or vertically for precise location for complete custom fit. Angled knee strap features double elastic layered for durability with dual Velcro adjustments to keep the goaltenders leg more secure for added control. Large outside leg protector features high density foam inserts over the calf muscle and outer ankle for added protection and functions to fill in open area when the goaltender is against the post. The leg cradle is designed to surround the leg and provide pad control without having to over tighten the main leg cradle properly positioned even if the leg straps are left extremely loose. The wide leg channel has a low friction synthetic surface to allow for quick pad rotation and durability. Wide inner edge and landing area gives the pad great balance while on the inner edge and allows for powerful quick slide across the ice.


Flex-Pac internal stuffing for rebound control and easy break-in

Stiffer upper pad section with solid HD internal and solid outside upper roll

Lightweight balance design for quick movements

Adjustable knee lifter design

Full pro spec construction and domestic manufactured

Fully adjustable knee cradle

Square shaped outer corners of pad to maximize surface area

Added coverage to back of leg with wider padding

Angled knee cradle strapping

Pre-shaped upper knee curve for precise fit

Molded thigh guard with lightweight design and construction

New V5 graphics to provide a longer and taller visual look

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