Vaughn Velocity V5 7800 Vintage Sr. Pro Leg Pads


Full Pro Spec construction and fully domestically manufactured to exact pro specifications for superior performance and durability

Dual knee straps with four point user selectable buckle locations for custom fit

Flex-Pac internal foam stuff system allows the pad to flex and break-in to each goaltender's own leg shape for maximum performance and feel

New V5 graphics provide a longer and taller visual image

Molded knee/thigh guard with improved attach location for more complete coverage

Tapered outer panel at knee area for improved pad positioning

Firm inside edge for improved five-hole seal to the ice

Fully balanced to enhance performance

New wider knee cradle with knee lifter incorporated to the inside edge for more ergonomic knee positioning to reduce stress on the knee and hip

Wider leg cradle with increased protection on the outer leg padding

Improved scoop angle allows pad to sit taller on leg and provide more ice clearance

Firm perimeter edge on inside and outside of the pad for a stronger blocking surface

Wide inner edge and landing pad area provide superior balance

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