The art of scoring starts with an understanding of the most effective shooting technique and applying Sports Engineering around the basic principles of physics of force and energy.
The V-series has been completely redesigned around the correct shooting technique focusing on puck position, blade angle and energy transfer.It all comes down to one thing.


NEW: HYPERTOE – Tapered rib design to increase velocity off the toe. Positioning the puck on the toe forces you to load the blade and creates more shot velocity. The patent pending Hypertoe design combines a stiffened toe with a softened taper section to create more force with the same load

NEW: Segmented blade core with Airex foam for improved response and feel

Multi-Rib Construction for consistent performance

Uni-carbon blade with 3K woven wrap

Micro-Bladder blade design

Tuned Shaft Flex Profile for a lower kick-point, storing more energy in the taper

Compression molded uni-carbon shaft

Elliptical taper profile

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